An Internet Explorer 9 super Beta can be built by combining IE9 Platform Preview 6 released today October 28, 2010 at PDC and the IE9 public Beta made available on September 15th at the Beauty of the Web launch event in San Francisco.

At PDC 2010, Microsoft launched a new platform preview of Internet Explorer 9, the sixth developer release from the company.

Early adopters already familiar with the IE9 Platform Preview releases will find that the latest Build is intended for the same audience as its predecessors.

While IE9 Beta is designed as a wide testing milestone for the public, PP6 is intended for developers to test drive the latest platform enhancements that are built into the next generation of IE, such as CSS3 2D transforms and semantic tags.

Still, there is a way for developers to enjoy both the platform capabilities of IE9 PP6 but also get the site-centric user experience of IE9 Beta. More »

When it drops next month, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta will be a full browser, as opposite to just a Platform Preview. This means that more users will get to take IE9 out for a spin and get a feeling of what Microsoft has in stored. With four Platform Preview releases delivered already, the Redmond company has been targeting developers, trying to get them familiarized as early as possible with the evolution of IE.

“The Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews were created to show the Web development community and standards bodies Microsoft’s progress and outline how the company is working hard to build an interoperable Web platform. In addition, Microsoft wants to give everyone in the Web development community an opportunity to provide feedback on the company’s progress,” Microsoft reveals in the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview Fact Sheet. More »