If you use a bitTorrent program to download MP3s, music videos, and other types of files from legal BitTorrent sites, then you may have found at times that your downloads can be painfully slow. To boost your file sharing download speeds, you can use a P2P accelerator program.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the freeware program, FeyAccelerator, to give your BitTorrent downloads a boost. This small program for Windows works between your P2P program and Internet connection. It is light on system resources and supports a large selection of BitTorrent clients.

  1. On the main screen, click the box on the P2P Run field and select the BitTorrent program you use from the list. More »

I’ve just seen your video Optimize Your ISP’s Slow Internet Connection, and I’m kind of an expert on this subject because I have been using dial-up and slow speed connections for all my life and I have only recently updated to a wireless HUAWEI 2G and 3G connection. Anyway, during my time using dial-up I came up with different ways to speed up my connection and here are some of them. By the way, these can also be used for any slow connection speed. I used these techniques when I “upgraded” from dial-up to GPRS via cellular Bluetooth, which was 1KB faster than dial up. Anyway, here we go.

1. Firewalls:
Blocking some programs from connecting to the Internet (like WinAmp player, which automatically tries to check for updates). You’d be surprised how many applications try connecting to the Internet behind your back. I’ve caught my Windows Explorer connecting to the Internet; after looking up the IP thinking it was some Trojan, It turned out to be windows.com. Many people have complained about this, claiming it’s spyware. This is one reason I think Open Source operating systems are much better! More »

A fast PC has little to do with the Internet speed up situation. Oftentimes, making simple adjustments to a computer will enable it to load web pages faster.

Clearing the clutter that gets downloaded into the PC or switching to a better Internet service provider that does not clog up PCs will often do the trick. But achieving an Internet speed up necessitates a number of things.

Internet Speed Up Pointers

The download speed often boils down to how well and how efficiently a site was created by its website designer. Many websites aren’t organized enough to allow for quick downloads. Some of them feature content that take ages to load, hence the sluggish Internet speed. Here are Internet speed up tips you should know that can help speed up download activities. More »

This guide shows you how to increase Internet Explorer 7’s connection limit from 2 to 16 which increases the speed of many web pages.

What Are Connections?

When you connect to a website your computer establishes connections with the web server(s). One connection might be a graphics server, another connection may be an ad server and so on. Once the connection has received what it asked for it is disconnected and used for something else.

By default IE7 is set to only be able to open 2 or 4 connections at a time. If you have broadband and you use tabs in IE7 or you visit sites that use lots of connections this tweak will increase the speed of IE7 a little. More »