Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic not only work with iPod and iPhone, but also with Apple computers, according to the Cupertino electronics giant.

A Support document on Apple’s newly-redesigned web site aims to teach Apple fans how to use “Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic” with their Mac.

For those wondering which Apple computers work with the microphone and volume controls that are included with the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic, Apple clarifies:

“Any computer that displays “External microphone” in the System Profiler will work with the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic.”
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Minutes after the official release of iOS 4.2.1, the folks at the iPhone Dev Team were able to roll out a compatible jailbreak tool for those enjoying the benefits of a hacked device. A compatible version of Cydia is unavailable for the latest iOS right now, but the jailbreak is, in all senses, a go for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using the Team’s redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 4.

Before users proceed with following the steps below, Pctipsbox would like to note that jailbreaking is not particularly encouraged.

Also, see this post for compatible devices and the particularities involving each device model with respect to this jailbreak. For example, this is a “tethered” jailbreak which, for some, may involve hassle they’d rather avoid. Go here to learn more about the drawbacks involved by a “tethered jailbreak.”

With all that out of the way….

Jailbreaking iOS 4.2.1 with Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 on Mac OS X (the steps should apply the same on a Windows PC) More »

iPhone 4 is a revolutionary gadget of the year and get a huge success in technology. iPhone 4 has bundle with different new features and technologies. Here you will find the iPhone 4 tips to make FaceTime video calls and conference calls with your friend, family and other peoples.

How To Make FaceTime Video Call using iPhone 4?

iPhone 4’s FaceTime allows user to connect two iPhone 4 on Wi-Fi connection and start video calls. FaceTime Video call uses the front camera and very easy to use. You even don’t need to setup for making FaceTime video calls.

* Go to Contact info of the person you want to have FaceTime Video call
* Tap on the FaceTime button, this will send request to the person.
* Once request is accepted, the FaceTime video call will begin.
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With iOS 4.2 knocking on our doors, the infamous iPhone Dev Team is making sure jailbreakers and unlockers are well informed about the risks involved by updating to Apple’s stock iOS 4.2 IPSW.

In a recent blog update, the group of hackers responsible for PwnageTool confirms that all devices on all iOS firmware versions can be jailbroken, but that jailbreakers should refrain themselves from updating to iOS 4.2 until Cydia and PwnageTool are updated.

“By all accounts, we’re within a few days of Apple’s official public release of Firmware 4.2,” the Team writes. “Here’s what you need to know.”

“Thanks to geohot’s limera1n exploit, and our original pwnage2 exploit, and @pod2g’s ipod2g-MC exploit, absolutely all devices at all iOS firmware versions are capable of being jailbroken,” the iPhone Dev Team elaborates. More »

Get more from your iPhone 4 by turning on character counts in text messaging, changing fonts for readability, avoiding the “Death Grip,” and more.

Turn on character counts in text messaging.

To keep track of text message character counts, go to Settings -> Messages -> Character Count, and flip the switch to “on.” When you type a text message, you’ll see a character count. The character count started when I got to 30 characters in a quick test.

Make notes, text messages, and address book entries easier to read by making the font bigger.

Change the font in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Large Text.

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