There are a plenty of reasons why a person should go for windows 7 but the main one is that it is the latest windows has to offer and hence being the latest it is ought to be the most advanced and sought after of all the other operating systems. Still we would like to give you a bit more reasons for why windows 7 is one of the best.

So here are the top 10 reasons why I would like to go for windows 7 rather that any other windows operating platform :

1. You can get quick access to all your file photos or websites that you use a lot with help of the Jump List feature and Pin feature will enable you to pin programs to the taskbar and just like the way you keep notes you can keep all the things that you need at a place where you can get to it faster.
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We’d be the first to admit using Apple’s iPad isn’t exactly rocket science, and we will also admit that Apple is at the top of its game when it comes to easy-to-use products.

But if you didn’t take the time to read the owner’s manual, we have some quick and neat tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your tablet.

From managing the sound levels of your tunes, to organization your apps, to muting in the case of emergency, we have 10 handy hints for you to work your way to iPad ninja status.

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MAC users always used to repent for not using the Microsoft Office pack on their system. You must be knowing that Microsoft Office is one the best tool for managing and editing different documents and it was available for all the users except the one who were MacBooks but now his issue has also been resolved and all the Mac users can take a sign of relief as in this post I will be giving a good news. Smile Please!!!

Microsoft has launched a version of Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC and let me tell you that it looks very beautiful as it is equipped with lots of features. Now all the Mac users can also take advantage of it and then they will not be jealous with their Window buddies ;) . As far the known information is concerned this pack is available in two versions: One for the student pack and the other one is the Business pack, as expected the business pack is costlier as compared to the student pack.

Students is of $109 and that of business pack is $177 which includes Outlook, Sharepoint and other extra tool apart from Students pack. It has also been said by the experts that this version of Microsoft Word will be faster and it will be more beautiful as compared to the previous version which was released just after the release of Windows 7. More »

I own a desktop hard drive, Seagate FreeAgent 500 GB and I also recently purchased a 1 TB Western Digital Elements portable hard drive, both of which I use to store movies, music, tv shows, and other stuff that I download from the internet or collect from friends.

The problem arises when you want to listen to music or watch a movie directly from the hard drive. Most such external hard drives have a built-in power saving feature, which causes them to spin down after a while of inactivity. What happens when you are watching a movie or listening to music is that the player reads a somewhat large chunk of data from the hard drive, stores it in the buffer, plays from it, and when that chunk of data is played, it queries the disk again for the next chunk. In between this period, the disk is marked as unused, and it therefore spins down to save power. More »

Even though there are many commercial and freeware download accelerators and managers available for Mac OS X, nothing beats the simplicity of a command line tool like wget. Mac OS X comes with a similar command-line tool called cURL, but for people who are from a Linux/UNIX background, wget would be the preferred tool.

Installing wget on Mac OS X involves compiling it from source. The first step to installing wget is downloading the source from one of the GNU FTP mirrors. You can get the latest version, or any previous version, if you prefer. The source usually comes in a .tar.gz, which you can easily extract by double clicking on the archive in Finder (the Mac OS X Archive Utility handles this).

To start the installation, open, and navigate to the source directory for wget (the one that was obtained by extracting the archive in the previous step), by using the following command: More »