Experience in technology and a track record in the industry are the two things that best recommend Microsoft to serve the needs of educational organizations, in the view of the company. The software giant is offering a new resource available free of charge designed to underline the importance of including technology into the educational process. The Windows 7 Optimized Desktop for Education Ebook is available online, but users will need Silverlight in order to access the contents, as Microsoft has leveraged its alternative to Adobe Flash in order to bring the resource to the public. Of course, Windows 7 is at the core of the Redmond company’s Optimized Desktop for Education vision.

Microsoft is essentially inviting educators to transform desktop infrastructure, as they are constantly pressured to do more with less resources. In this sense, Information technology needs to be enabling, efficient and responsible while driving productivity, collaboration and delivering flexibility. More »

Although customers can already download version 4.6 of Microsoft Application Virtualization, the Redmond-based company is now offering for download the second major upgrade to its predecessor. Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now available through the Microsoft Download Center, bringing to the table the latest updates to App-V 4.5. The main changes highlighted by the software giant for the evolution of App-V 4.5 with the release of SP2 involve virtualization support of Office 2010 and of SQL Mirroring.

“This service pack provides the latest updates to Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5. Because Microsoft Application Virtualization service packs are cumulative, you do not have to install Service Pack 1 before you install Service Pack 2. Service Pack 2 includes all of the fixes that were included in Service Pack 1,” Microsoft revealed. More »

With the advent of Windows Vista at the end of 2006/the beginning of 2007, Microsoft has started pouring a consistent amount of efforts into enabling optimized desktops. Throughout 2007, and after the introduction of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, the Redmond company continued to fine tune a set of offerings bundled together under the umbrella of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for Software Assurance customers. The Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) in Las Vegas was the stage where the software giant stressed its constant commitment to both optimized Vista desktops and virtualization.

“The combination of MDOP and Windows Vista gives customers the tools they need to support more flexible work environments for their users, while making it easier and more efficient to manage and maintain their networks. This is the concept we refer to as the optimized desktop, and many of our customers have the tools to realize the benefits today. We’re responding to the enthusiasm our customers have shown for these products by continuing to improve upon them and roll out new updates in real time”, revealed Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Windows Product Management for the enterprise. More »

I am a multi-monitor Windows Vista user ever since I got hooked on multiple monitor at work. Two monitors make doing multiple tasks at one so much easier.If I am working on an article or trying to be creative in Photoshop, everything is just much easier because I always have multiple applications open at once.  One feature that I wish I had as soon as I purchased my two monitors and hooked them up was the ability to stretch my wallpaper across both monitors.I wanted to use a very large and wide photo as my background that would like cool displayed across both monitors. Something like the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco or a cityscape.

After installing and uninstalling Ultra Mon, a third-party shareware utility that I heard is great for multi-monitors, I wanted a easier solution and not something that I had to run in the background.  A few weeks go by until I accidentally stumble across how to natively stretch your wallpaper across multiple monitors. More »