Microsoft has made available for download a new security tool designed to assess the attack surface of Windows operating systems.

As Windows platforms are being used, a variety of changes are introduced, more often than not, increasing the risk of attacks.

One scenario illustrative of this involves the installation of new software. Applications deployed on top of Windows manage not only to add extra functionality and capabilities that customers need, but also to introduce changes, some of which could represent security liabilities, or even be exploitable vulnerabilities.

This is why the Redmond company decided to share with the world an internal tool designed to catalog changes introduced to the Windows platform by new software being installed. More »

How-to set up Windows Update for Windows Vista to update other programs and services like Microsoft Office and Windows Defender along with Windows updates.

By default Windows Update for Windows Vista only delivers updates for the Windows Vista operating system. Did you know that you can set up Windows Updated for Windows Vista to deliver updates for other Microsoft products and services other than Windows Vista?

This is a great feature to keep Microsoft Office, Windows Defender, and other Microsoft products up-to-date effortlessly.

Here’s a list of supported products and services Windows Update for Windows Vista can be set to deliver: More »