As is the case with all major Microsoft products, the release of Office 2010 brought with it a collection of content designed to help users get an insight into the latest iteration of the productivity suite. An illustrative example in this regard is the Office 2010 User Resources set of downloads, a massive package of documents focused on the successor of Office 2010.

With the Office 2010 User Resources, customers can access free of charge documentation containing overviews, product guides, getting started docs, and lists with new features not just for Office 2010 but for all the components of the productivity suite.

“Microsoft Office 2010 offers rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work in the office, from home, or on the go across different devices. Experience the enhanced Ribbon and new Microsoft Office Backstage view to help you quickly find the commands and tools you need to create and finalize your work easier and faster. More »

An integral part of the Software Assessment Management efforts from Microsoft, the Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer 5.1 is available for download accompanied by a range of resources designed to streamline usage. MSIA is a tool designed to permit customers to scan either a local machine or computers connected to a network in order to identify and produce a report containing a list of core Microsoft software products installed. In addition to MSIA, the company is also offering for download documentation containing a User Guide and a FAQ. According to the Redmond giant, MSIA is capable of putting together software inventories only for networks with a maximum of 250 computers.

“MSIA reports the results of the scan in three possible formats, based on the user’s selection: HTML, Excel, and Text. These reports contain details such as the names of all the installed Microsoft products, links to the list of computers scanned, links to the error log, and so on. In addition, the summary report enables users to enter corresponding license purchase information for all software detected in the scan,” Microsoft revealed. More »

How-to set up Windows Update for Windows Vista to update other programs and services like Microsoft Office and Windows Defender along with Windows updates.

By default Windows Update for Windows Vista only delivers updates for the Windows Vista operating system. Did you know that you can set up Windows Updated for Windows Vista to deliver updates for other Microsoft products and services other than Windows Vista?

This is a great feature to keep Microsoft Office, Windows Defender, and other Microsoft products up-to-date effortlessly.

Here’s a list of supported products and services Windows Update for Windows Vista can be set to deliver: More »