As it is the case with all major Microsoft software products, Office 2010 comes with a world of content designed to simplify adoption as much as possible. This is also true for the Office 2010 Resource Kit, a collection of resources published online on TechNet. Office 2010 users can also download a copy of the Office 2010 Resource Kit for offline viewing from Microsoft.

The Redmond company is offering the Office 2010 Resource Kit Technical Library in Compiled Help format (CHM) free of charge via the Microsoft Download Center.

While the Office2010ResKit.chm offers a downloadable CHM alternative to the online version of the Office 2010 Resource Kit technical library, it is the documentation on TechNet that will be updated most frequently by the software giant. However, the latest version of the Office 2010 Resource Kit was released on June 17th, just a couple of days after Office 2010 was launched for the general public. More »

Not all Microsoft customers are equal and not all treated in such a manner either. The difference lies in the license that accompanies software from the Redmond company. While end users have to deal with retail software or OEM images, corporate customers access Microsoft software through volume licenses. And there’s absolutely nothing stopping the software giant from threatening its volume customers as first class citizens. Microsoft Volume Licensing Reference Guide is available for download for those that want to understand just how the company licenses software to business users.

The guide is designed to deliver an insight into the Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, covering a variety of topics from product licensing models to Software Assurance. Of course, now that Windows 7 is available for purchase, customers can also understand just how the latest iteration of Windows fits into the company’s volume licensing programs.

“Software acquired through Microsoft Volume Licensing is a software license only. A software license provides the right to run a Microsoft software product,” Microsoft revealed. “Savings above retail boxed software prices can be realized by participating in a Microsoft Volume Licensing program. By acquiring software licenses through Volume Licensing, you can pay for only the software license. More »