This milestone in the product lifecycle of XP has generated a range of questions, some easier to answer than others. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions along with answers, some right from Microsoft. Hopefully, the FAQ will be sufficient to provide guidance for customers that need to make the transition from XP SP2 to more recent releases of Windows.

1. How will XP SP2 customers be impacted by end of support for the service pack?

Microsoft software products evolve constantly, with major products receiving upgrades dubbed service packs. In the case of XP SP2, the upgrade was indeed massive, with some company employees noting that Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista’s successor could easily have been considered an entirely new Windows release. The software giant only offers support for Service Packs for 12 to 24 months after a new release. This period varies, and is connected with the product family. In the specific case of XP SP2, July 13th, 2010 will mark two years since the release of Service Pack 3. More »

As it is the case with all major Microsoft software products, Office 2010 comes with a world of content designed to simplify adoption as much as possible. This is also true for the Office 2010 Resource Kit, a collection of resources published online on TechNet. Office 2010 users can also download a copy of the Office 2010 Resource Kit for offline viewing from Microsoft.

The Redmond company is offering the Office 2010 Resource Kit Technical Library in Compiled Help format (CHM) free of charge via the Microsoft Download Center.

While the Office2010ResKit.chm offers a downloadable CHM alternative to the online version of the Office 2010 Resource Kit technical library, it is the documentation on TechNet that will be updated most frequently by the software giant. However, the latest version of the Office 2010 Resource Kit was released on June 17th, just a couple of days after Office 2010 was launched for the general public. More »