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At the end of April 2009, Microsoft unveiled to the world a new service that it referred to as societal networking. A few days over a month later, the Redmond company is allowing testers of Microsoft Vine to access and download the Microsoft Vine Diagnostic Tool. The label is self-explanatory, and the new tool can be used to harvest diagnostic information on the users’ Microsoft Vine installations. Vine comes with a client that needs to be installed locally on the users’ machine. The Diagnostic Tool is designed to streamline the troubleshooting process associated with resolving eventual Vine-related functionality issues.

“The Vine diagnostic tool (vinediag.hta) collects diagnostic information of your installation of the Microsoft Vine beta, and stores it in a file on your computer. When you are discussing a problem in the Vine beta on the discussion forum, the support team might ask you to run this tool and share the file it creates. The information in the file could help the support team identify the issue and propose a solution,” Microsoft explained. More »