Vista lets you share your Internet connection with other computers on your network.
Logically enough, the feature that lets you do this is called Internet Connection Sharing, which gets abbreviated to ICS.

ICS can be a great way of saving time and money: instead of needing a modem and a phone line (or a DSL or cable modem) for each computer that needs Internet connectivity, you can get by with one modem and one phone line (or the equivalent). ICS is particularly good if you have a fast Internet connection such as a DSL or a cable modem that provides enough bandwidth for several computers under normal circumstances.

Set Up the Computer That Will Share the Connection

Start with the computer that will share the Internet connection. First set up your Internet connection,and then use the Network Setup Wizard to configure the computer by taking the following steps. More »

A fast PC has little to do with the Internet speed up situation. Oftentimes, making simple adjustments to a computer will enable it to load web pages faster.

Clearing the clutter that gets downloaded into the PC or switching to a better Internet service provider that does not clog up PCs will often do the trick. But achieving an Internet speed up necessitates a number of things.

Internet Speed Up Pointers

The download speed often boils down to how well and how efficiently a site was created by its website designer. Many websites aren’t organized enough to allow for quick downloads. Some of them feature content that take ages to load, hence the sluggish Internet speed. Here are Internet speed up tips you should know that can help speed up download activities. More »

Until recently the old computers could only be wired to the Internet. Wires are not only messy but also limit the placement of your computer in the house. But now there is a way of connecting your old computers (even Pentium II) to a wireless network, just like any other brand new devise with a built in WiFi.

Things You’ll Need: Internet connection, Modem, Computer to be connected, Wireless router, Wireless USB adapter (cCompatible with the operating system of your computer)

Step 1:
Remove all the old Internet connections from your computer, including the telephone line and cables. More »

  • BIOS Backup: Sometimes the BIOS program on your motherboard can become corrupt and your PC will not function properly. So, you need to always keep a backup of a good version of the BIOS on a floppy disc. If something ever goes wrong with the BIOS, you can flash (overwrite) it with your backup. The software used to backup or flash the BIOS is usually available on the motherboard driver CD or on the motherboard/BIOS manufacturer’s website. Refer the motherboard manual for step-by-step instructions on using the BIOS flash software.
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  • Choice of CPU: Because ordinary people do not know much about computers, they simply buy one that has an Intel processor. More discerning buyers get PCs with AMD processors. Benchmark tests by prominent computer magazines and websites have shown that AMD Athlon processors score over Intel Pentium processors. Unlike Intel CPUs, AMD processors natively support both 32-bit and 64-bit software. AMD processors consume less power and consequently generate less heat. Hence, they do not require huge noisy fans. AMD is also a much better consumer-friendly company. It has been contributing to the development of open standards, which results in cheaper PC components. Intel, on the contrary, had tried to impose proprietary products like the RD-RAM memory technology, which was developed by its subsidiary Rambus. The biggest argument for AMD processors is the cost. AMD CPUs are always cheaper than Intel’s. Remember, it is always the consumer who ultimately pays for the advertising and marketing expenses.
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