1. Firefox Companion for eBay
The eBay Companion shows auctions in the sidebar and alerts you when anything happens, helping you to strike at the right moment.

2. Amazon Shopper
Amazon’s prices change from day to day, so tell this nifty plug-in what you’re willing to pay. When the price drops, it’ll let you know.

3. RetailMeNot
Discover whether discount codes are available for the site you’re visiting. RetailMeNot is a collaborative effort, so the more people that use it the more useful it gets.

4. Yapta
Flight finder Yapta includes the main European carriers, although it’s best for transatlantic or US travel. The tracking feature lets you know if any flights drop in price. More »

While Apple’s Macs running OS X are without a doubt making inroads into the territory owned by Microsoft and PC makers with Windows machines, the fact of the matter is that the Redmond company and its OEM partners still account for the vast majority of the operating system and computer markets.

As far as consumer trends are concerned, there is a palpable shift from traditional desktops to laptops, and Microsoft is not only delivering Windows Vista, an operating system tailored to a mobile lifestyle, but it is also prepared to offer guidance on the acquisition of a new computer. From the Windows Guide library, the Redmond company has made available for download the Windows Laptop Selector Buying Basics.

“GHz? MBs? SDRAM? You don’t have to speak nerd to find a great laptop. Our Buying Basics makes it simple and straightforward to understand what you need to know when looking for your next PC,” reads an excerpt from the guide. Of course that the decision to buy a new machine orbits around money. “Many people see price as the biggest factor when buying a PC. A bargain-basement price may seem tempting now, but will it give you the laptop you want for the long haul? Technology changes rapidly and even if you spend less today, you might end up paying more tomorrow just to keep up with new software.” More »

Windows Vista, Microsoft’s first new major operating system (OS) since the launch of the Windows XP line in 2001, is due to hit stores on January 30. Vista’s launch has already generated some questions about upgrading, new features, tech support, and whether now is a good time to migrate your computers to this new OS.

To help you make an informed decision about Vista, we’ve answered a handful of questions that we think nonprofits will be most concerned with. You may even want to use our answers to assess the potential pros and cons of upgrading to Vista at your nonprofit. More »

Windows Vista and Office 2007 are just over the horizon and are probably going to take a significant chunk out of most people is bank balances. If after buying these apps you find yourself a bit short of cash, then you should check out some of the great free software available for Windows.

The Simple Dollar have created a list of 30 Essential Free Programs For Windows. Listed are great programs like Firefox and Thunderbird that many people have heard of. But, did you know that Mozilla also offer Sunbird, which is a free calendaring application? More »


You can make Windows XP look like a Mac in just a few steps. This includes having a fully functioning dock that allows you to launch programs and minimize active programs to the dock. This dock has bouncing icons like Mac OS X and also has similar animations when programs are minimized and maximized. Click the screenshot above to see an enlarged version. I will walk you through the process of making Windows XP look like Mac OS X and gain some of the functionality.
The first step is to install the dock at the bottom. This application is called Rocket Dock and I am using the Beta release. You can download Beta 3 of Rocket Dock from File Forum.
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