The plan was for the second Beta development milestone of Firefox 4.0 to have already been release by the start of this week at the very latest, although the company was trying to do it even earlier.

Obviously, Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 is not here. However, early adopters should know that the browser release is still, just around the corner. But it did suffer a small delay, just a few days. According to Mozilla, Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 is still just around the corner, and it could drop as early as today or tomorrow.

“We’re glad you’re interested in Firefox 4 Beta 2 – it’s not quite ready yet. Our candidate builds are still going through quality assurance tests,” is the message that greets testers attempting to download the second Beta Build of the next major iteration of Firefox. More »

Come June 23rd, 2009, Microsoft will open up codename Morro, its upcoming free security solution designed to replace Windows Live OneCare 2.0, to the public. The Redmond company offered official confirmation that codename Morro had been rebranded as Microsoft Security Essentials, and that the first Beta for version 1.0 was ready to debut next week. Access to Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 Beta will be granted to testers in the United States, Brazil and Israel, the software giant informed. The information provided by Microsoft comes after screenshots of Morro made it into the wild, followed by the actual bits, leaked a couple of days ago.

“The Microsoft Security Essentials Beta will be made publicly available in Brazil, Israel and the U.S. starting June 23 at about 9am PDT from, and general availability is scheduled for later this calendar year,” a Microsoft spokesman told pctipsbox. More »

Introduced in 2005, Windows Live OneCare is heading for an early grave, with Microsoft planning to discontinue license sales of the all-in-one PC care and security product come June 30, 2009, and to offer support only as long as existing subscriptions will last. In the place of OneCare, the company is cooking what it referred to as a security solution, focused on core anti-malware protection and tailored to Windows 7, Windows Vista (which will have evolved to Service Pack 2 by mid-2009) and Windows XP SP3.

However, the software giant wanted to make it clear that codename Morro was simply a consumer-oriented product, with no impact whatsoever on the company’s current enterprise grade security products.

“So, people may ask how does ‘Morro’ compare to Forefront Client Security? Will enterprise customers use it? The answer is no, ‘Morro’ is intended for consumers, whereas Forefront products are enterprise solutions, providing the capabilities and features required in sophisticated IT environments, e.g. centralized deployment, management and reporting, security state assessments, scheduled signature distribution, update management, etc,” revealed a member of the Forefront team. More »