Most of Connected Internet’s readers are PC users. PC users don’t have too much of a problem finding an application for a specific task. Usually a quick Google will turn up a solution to a pressing problem. The only drawback to Windows’ prevalence is that there is an exponentially greater amount of commercial software, so PC users may have to dig a little to find a freeware solution to the task at hand.

Mac users enjoy a healthy commercial software community, but also free software is quite prevalent. Maybe it’s the unix influence, you know, free software and all that. I’m not complaining. As a Mac user I have a choice between a commercial solution, scouring the vast freeware available, or falling back to a unix solution when all else fails.

Following are ten applications for working with video, graphics and audio files that I have found to be indispensable. I see enough posts of the variety “What Mac app should I use for…” on various Mac web forums that I hope someone will find these recommendations useful. More »

This is a cool google search trick to search and download your favourite mp3 song. Let me show you how to use this trick:

intitle:index.of “mp3″ +”song name’ name” -htm -html -php -asp “Last Modified”

Enter the name of the mp3 song instead of ’song name’ name’ in the coded text and search for it in google. for example If you wanted to find a song called get right, You can put like this: More »

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Editing audio files is usually a fairly complicated business but here’s a really simple little utility that will snip out chunks of sounds with just a couple of clicks and if you like, convert from one audio format to another just as easily.

As the name suggests Free Audio Dub won’t cost you a bean and it won’t tax the old grey cells either, as it is so simple to use. Just open the track it supports most popular formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WMA click the Play button until you reach the start of where you want to make the cut, click the first scissors icon, resume play until you reach the end of the section then click the second scissors icon. Click the Delete icon and it’s done and you can save the modified file with a new name, so the original remains intact. There, I said it was easy…. More »

Originally iTunes was used by most PC users because it came bundled with an iPod, but over the years its become a great application for playing mp3s. But, did you know you could make iTunes even better by adding plugins? Although there aren’t hundreds and hundreds like with Firefox, there are enough plugins for iTunes to make things interesting.

Here are some of the iTunes And iPod Plugins I’m using currently or I’ve used in the past that you might think are worth giving a try. More »