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If you use Windows Media Player (WMP) to listen to your MP3 tracks then here’s a neat little feature that you might have overlooked. Right-click on the Windows taskbar select Toolbars then Windows Media Player. That’s all there is to it and the next time you open WMP just click the Minimize button and a small control panel, also known as ‘Mini Mode’ appears docked onto the taskbar.

Here’s a bonus tip for WMP 11 users, available for download now and included with Windows Vista. More »

To keep legacy apps running, Vista lets them pretend to write to their familiar file locations often under their installation folder in \Program Files or in \Windows itself. INI files, data files, templates, or even music might wind up there.

But when you go to look for those files, you won’t find them! Vista actually stores the files in a “Virtual Store” under the AppData store in your user folder. Fortunately, you don’t need to hunt around for the files, just turn on “Compatibility Files” in Explorer. When you browse to a folder that has these hidden files, you’ll see a Compatibility Files toolbar button. More »

Windows Vista and Office 2007 are just over the horizon and are probably going to take a significant chunk out of most people is bank balances. If after buying these apps you find yourself a bit short of cash, then you should check out some of the great free software available for Windows.

The Simple Dollar have created a list of 30 Essential Free Programs For Windows. Listed are great programs like Firefox and Thunderbird that many people have heard of. But, did you know that Mozilla also offer Sunbird, which is a free calendaring application? More »

Open My Computer

Double-click the drive where Windows is installed (usually drive (C:), unless you have more than one drive on your computer).

If the contents of the drive are hidden, under System Tasks, click Show the contents of this drive.

Double-click the Documents and Settings folder.

Double-click your user folder.

Right-click any folder in your user profile, and then click Properties.

On the Sharing tab, select the Make this folder private so that only I have access to it check box.
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