Mozilla is cooking a new Beta Build of the next iteration of its open source browser. Early adopters will have a fresh revision, the third one since Firefox 3.6 debuted into Beta stage, available for download soon. Whether referred to as Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 or Firefox 3.6 Beta revision 3, the new release is just around the corner. In fact, Mozilla plans to release it either later today or tomorrow morning. At the start of this week, the company building the Firefox open source browser was undecided as to the specific deadline for the availability of Firefox 3.6 Beta 3/Revision 3.

Firefox 3.6 codenamed Namoroka “Beta 3 refresh should be coming Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Beta 3 includes a components directory lockdown feature,” Mozilla revealed. In this regard, Beta 3/revision 3 will be offered to Firefox 3.6 users at just a week after the introduction of Beta 2/revision 2.

With the introduction of the components directory lockdown feature, Mozilla is essentially closing the door to the browser’s “components” directory for third-party extension developers. Essentially, devs that work to extend Firefox 3.6 will no longer be able to have their code added to the “components” directory in Firefox 3.6, as they are able to do in version 3.5 and earlier. Instead, mobbing forward, the “components” are will be reserved exclusively for Firefox 3.6, and nothing more. More »

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With Firefox 3.1 evolved into Firefox 3.5 in the move from Beta 3 to Beta 4, Mozilla is also looking ahead beyond Shiretoko, to the next iteration of its open-source browser. Firefox Next will be codenamed Namoroka and the version number for the project will be 3.6, although this will only be valid for the initial stages. Mozilla in fact refers to what will be the successor of Firefox 3.5 as Namoroka will be based on the Gecko 1.9.2 rendering engine, and is currently planned for availability in the first half of 2010.

“In contrast to previous product planning exercises, which were declarative and relatively inflexible, we hope to develop this project in a highly iterative manner by which we initially declare project goals and prioritized areas of interest for investigation, and then spend time determining the exact shape and scope of feature development tasks. The outcome of these investigations will be a set of feature design documents (using a common template) which will be prioritized and constitute the final product development plan,” revealed Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox at Mozilla Corporation. More »