You have 2 network cards, and are connected to 2 networks. You want to specify which one is used to surf the internet.

Here is how you do it on Windows. It’s comes down to an “Interface Metric”.

step1:First, right click on the network card/item that you wish to use for the internet. In this case it is the “wireless network connection 2″

step2:Here I left click once on the connection to select it, then right click to get the dialog box below. Choose properties.

step3:Then scroll down until you see Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), select it (make it blue), then click on the Properties button.

step4:Click on the Advanced button. More »

Adding a computer to your wireless network without using a network key is easy. However, you must know that doing so will allow anyone in your neighborhood to access your WiFi, which can make you vulnerable to hackers.

Step 1:
Log in to your hub computer as the administrator.

Step 2:
Open your Wireless Advisor. This is the program that you downloaded when you connected your hub computer to the wireless router.

Step 3:
In the Wireless Advisor window click on the “Actions” tab. More »