Mobile phone users that own a Maemo-based handset from Nokia have now yet another reason to rejoice, as the final version of Firefox for their handsets has just emerged on the web. Following a long line of beta and release candidate flavors, now Firefox for Maemo 1.0 is here for them, providing an experience similar in many respects to the one that the desktop iteration of Firefox can deliver.

One of the main feature of the web browser is that it comes around with support for add-ons, something that no other solution offers to users. The add-ons enable any Maemo-based device owner to customize the browser via the over 40 add-ons that are already available for download on Mozilla’s website. Among them, we can count popular solutions like AdBlock Plus, URL Fixer, TwitterBar, language translators, or geo guides. The Add-ons Manager allows for an easy installation of such solutions, and Mozilla recommends for the YouTube Enabler add-on be installed.

The features that Firefox for mobile comes with to Maemo-based phones should be already familiar in a way to those who use the browser on their desktop computers:

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So, after months (years) of speculation and rumour, Apple has finally announced the iPhone in all its glory.

PcTips box has already covered the initial communications aspects, and what it might mean for UK consumers if and when it arrives in Britain, plus reactions from the likes of Orange and Nokia (scroll to end of this article for the links) so in this article I’ll take a look at the key features of this ‘revolutionary’ new mobile phone.
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