For many Windows users, the thought of using the Command Prompt is either a scary experience or something that they will never need. But for some, the command prompt is a powerful tool that can be far more useful than many graphical tools available in Windows.

Being a System Administrator, I constantly use the command prompt, mostly because I access systems remotely and many tasks can be performed quickly with out the graphics over head (even though connecting via Terminal Server is very convenient).

So if you are an avid user of the command line, here are my top 10 built-in (non third party) command line tools for XP, Vista and WIndows server versions (remember these commands are not your typical tools, such as find, copy, move, dir, etc..).

1 – systeminfo – Have a need to display operating system configuration information for a local or remote machine, including service pack levels? Then systeminfo is the tool to use. When I need to connect to a system that I am not familiar with, this is the first tool I run. More »

There are hundreds if not thousands of software programs that are available to block unwanted sites on your PC. some straightforward commands and a text editing program like notepad ( on every windows PC since windows3.1) and you not simply stop someone one(kids, husbands, brother in-laws) from visiting sites that might put computer at risk, or expose them to thing you don’t want them to know about.

1. Know the list of sites you want to block make sure your computer has an internet connection.

2. Standard look of DOS Window Open a command window (DOS), and type in nslookup More »

If you have faced such a situation when you are not able to connect some of the websites specifically on your mtnl broadband connection but all other websites other than those websites are reachable then this post is for you.

So after reading this post you will get answers for your questions like..

Why this problem actually occurs ?

This problem occurs when you have specified wrong address for any of your dns server’s primary or secondary.

How to solve this problem ? More »