With each passing day, it looks less and less likely that Mozilla will be able to pull off a new major iteration of its open source browser by the end of 2010.

Not counting the days left in October, there are now just two months until 2011, and the final milestone of Firefox 4.0 is nowhere in sight.

Mozilla has yet to announce officially that it postponed Firefox 4.0, but it is also bound to change the roadmap for the remaining development releases of the browser.

No telling yet just how the browser maker will handle delay, but chances are that Firefox 4.0 will slip in 2011, considering the amount of work that Mozilla still needs to get done before it will be able to wrap up the release. More »

Yes, there will be a Beta 8 release of the next major iteration of Mozilla’s open source browser, which is currently kin development.

Early adopters can now download and start testing an early preview release of Firefox 4.0 Beta 8, this despite the fact that Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 has yet to be launched.

Mozilla had initially planned the release of seven Beta Builds of Firefox 4.0, but it appears that the plans have changed.

With a Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 now cooking, it’s safe to say that the browser vendor managed to derail from the development schedule it made public when it announced the project earlier this year.

However, it’s important to underline that the Firefox 4.0 timetable revealed at the start of the development process wasn’t set in stone by any means, and that it could, and it did change. More »

The fourth Beta development milestone of the next major iteration of Firefox is now available for download.

While Mozilla has yet to announce officially the release of Firefox 4.0 Beta 4, fact is that the bits are already live and up for grabs via the browser vendor’s FTP servers.

Early adopters that have so far test driven previous Firefox 4.0 Beta Builds, but also new testers looking to take the next version of Firefox out for a spin will find the download links at the bottom of this article.

Earlier today Pctipsbox readers have been able to read about Mozilla’s focus on pushing the overhaul of Firefox 4.0’s graphical user interface overhaul one step further.

Essentially, the UI redesign of Firefox 4.0 will continue even after Beta 4 to the upcoming testing release. More »

The plan was for the second Beta development milestone of Firefox 4.0 to have already been release by the start of this week at the very latest, although the company was trying to do it even earlier.

Obviously, Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 is not here. However, early adopters should know that the browser release is still, just around the corner. But it did suffer a small delay, just a few days. According to Mozilla, Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 is still just around the corner, and it could drop as early as today or tomorrow.

“We’re glad you’re interested in Firefox 4 Beta 2 – it’s not quite ready yet. Our candidate builds are still going through quality assurance tests,” is the message that greets testers attempting to download the second Beta Build of the next major iteration of Firefox. More »

Mozilla is building different flavors of the next iteration of its open source browser, offering both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) builds for testing.

At the end of the past week, Mozilla’s Armen Zambrano Gasparnian revealed that the company was producing the 64-bit builds of Firefox 4.0 for Windows. At this point in time, early adopters can download a very early pre-Beta 2 release of Firefox 4.0, in 32-bit (x86) as well as 64-bit (x64) versions.

“I had to switch to Visual Studio 2008 since in VS2010 we don’t jemalloc support. I still have to test that the compiler switch won’t cause any regression to anybody who has a build built off VS2010.

The following build has: been built with MSVC9 (VS2008); Windows 7 SDK; has no update; it now has jemalloc; it still does not have PGO. To note, I have tested the build on win7 64-bit build and has worked as expected,” Gasparnian stated. More »