Make sure you have an accurate WEI score. Follow our advice to optimise your PC, then close down all open applications and run the test again.


If your CPU score is over 5 then overclocking, while risky, might help you reach the maximum. Check your BIOS setup program and documentation for advice.


Upgrading your CPU may deliver the best results. Check your motherboard manufacturer’s web site to see which CPUs it supports, then comparison-shop at uk.shopping.com.


Can this processor really deliver a 5.9? Visit shareyourscore.com/ ComponentScores.aspx to see how it performs on other people’s systems.
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What, exactly, are supercomputers? The clue is in the name, really: they’re powerful computers capable of calculating many millions of floating operations per second (FLOPS) essentially, they’re very, very fast.

While any array of powerful computers, such as a modern-day web server which consists of several motherboards (the main circuit board of a computer) running in parallel can be considered a supercomputer, generally the term is reserved for machines that dedicate their entire hardware to one complex task at any given time.

Take the NEC Earth Simulator in Japan, for example, which was created specifically for modelling weather problems associated with global warming. Or the world’s fastest computer, BlueGene/L at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US, which simulates the behaviour of biomolecular structures and protein folding. It’s capable of 600 trillion FLOPS (tera-FLOPS or TFLOPS), whereas, the six-year-old Earth Simulator is only capable of 36TFLOPS. BlueGene/L won’t hold the top spot for long, though. Supercomputers twice as powerful will be online soon. More »

Overclock.net have produced a list that ranks graphics cards by performance. Although traditionally only gamers used to care about facts like this, it might be worthwhile checking out where your card ranks if you are thinking about upgrading to Vista. I was quite happy to see that my X1900XT sneaked into the top 10 at number 9, although I’ve flashed it to a X1900XTX which is at position number 7.

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maxA lot of users want to know what is the maximum temperature processors can work at, seeing that all processors currently heat up a lot and many coolers available on the market are unable to cool them down correctly.

To start off, the temperature of a processor can be gauged via a sensor on the motherboard, under the processor. Almost every motherboard comes with a program for reading this sensor; you can find on the Internet many programs for this purpose, such as Motherboard Monitor and Hardware Sensors Monitor More »