Here is an easy tip to spruce up your end of day windows shut down. Have it perform some simple tasks before shutting down your system for the day.

I have made a simple batch file to run a system defrag, then make a registry backup before shutting down the system for the night.

Here is what the batch file looks like:

defrag C:
regedit /e c:\regbackup.reg
shutdown -s

Save the file as myshutdown.cmd (or anything you want), save it somewhere on your drive, then you can make a shortcut to the file on the desktop. More »

For long time ago , I experiment with this problem too many times. and what I can do with it is, Format and Reinstall the windows. But now This problems happened on my boss’s computer, That why I have to try my best to find the solution to fix for him.

I have google it many time ago, but still can not find the right solution for this kind of virus. But I think depending on the level of the infection. if you were in the medium ,you maybe lucky!

This problems happened after you clean that virus from your computer ( I don’t remember what is the name of virus). So if yo have the same problems as me , hope you maybe able to fix it also.

Step 1: Create a BartPe Bootable CD

“BartPE” (Bart Preinstalled Environment) is the bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP that we can say Live CD that, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks. More »