Translates pdf documents into html format.Translates pdf files into HTML or XML formats, combined with png images. Supports encrypted pdf files.There is a program called pdftohtml to convert pdf to html file.In ubuntu gutsy this package in bundled with poppler-utils so we need to install this package.

Install poppler-utils in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install poppler-utils

This will complete the installation

Using pdftohtml

pdftohtml Syntax More »

There can be many scenarios that can cause Firefox to freeze. Freezing/hanging is different from a crash. A crash is when the browser closes unexpectedly. Freezing means not responding your actions.

Check the following symptoms and how to troubleshoot hang/freeze problems.

1. Froze while loading/starting Firefox:

Check your Extensions and Plug-ins:

Determine when the problem started. Check whether it is a problem with an extension that you have recently installed. Some extensions might cause problems like slowing down the browser or freezing up. More »

When I bought my Sony Reader, I planned to buy e-books from Sony’s on-line ebook store. But I soon realized that a lot of ebooks are available on the internet for free.

Project Gutenberg offers thousands of titles (mostly fiction) in txt format, while provides an impressive array of books in Sony format (as well as several other formats).

The motherload of free ebooks, however, is The Google folks are busy digitizing every book they can get their hands on. As of this writing, they have reportedly digitized over 10,000 public domain books, which anyone can download for free in pdf format. More »