KeepVault lets you make automatic backups without ever leaving the couch. That’s because it integrates with Windows Media Center, so you can operate it entirely by remote (or mouse, if you prefer).

When you sign up for KeepVault, you get 25GB of free online storage. Obviously that’s not enough to store more than a handful of recorded TV shows, but it can probably accommodate an average-size music and photo library. (Larger accounts are available for a fee, of course.) You can pick and choose what categories of media to back up: photos, music, videos, documents and so on. More »

vista media

Almost all versions of Windows Vista come with enhanced Windows Media Center functionality, which allows you to create, store, organize, edit, and view personal and public media. The Start menu choices in Windows Media Center in Windows Vista are Pictures + Video, Movies, TV, Music, Spotlight, Tools, and Tasks. If your computer is outfitted with the proper hardware, you can turn your PC into a complete home theater system, including a DVD player and recorder, a movie theater, a movie studio, a television, a personal video recorder, a jukebox, a music server, and a photo library. More »