1. Firefox Companion for eBay
The eBay Companion shows auctions in the sidebar and alerts you when anything happens, helping you to strike at the right moment.

2. Amazon Shopper
Amazon’s prices change from day to day, so tell this nifty plug-in what you’re willing to pay. When the price drops, it’ll let you know.

3. RetailMeNot
Discover whether discount codes are available for the site you’re visiting. RetailMeNot is a collaborative effort, so the more people that use it the more useful it gets.

4. Yapta
Flight finder Yapta includes the main European carriers, although it’s best for transatlantic or US travel. The tracking feature lets you know if any flights drop in price. More »

There’s no easy way to secure IE against similar flaws that will inevitably be discovered and used by hackers to their advantage in the future. For this reason and in response to pleas for help by many Pctipsbox readers here’s my recommendation on the best way to surf the Web more securely:

Step 1: Switch to Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or another contender and configure it to be your default browser. Use IE only to visit sites that require Microsoft-specific technology probably because they rely on ActiveX to function. (For example, you need to use IE to download patches at the Windows Update site.) I recommend Firefox because of the numerous add-ons available for that browser, some of which I describe in Steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Install the Firefox add-ons known as User Agent Switcher (see UAS’s download page) and IE Tab (download page).

User Agent Switcher lets you change your browser’s identity. If a Web site demands the use of IE but actually works fine with other browsers, you can change the name of the operating system and browser the site thinks you’re using. Many “IE only” sites render perfectly well in Firefox and other browsers. More »

There can be many scenarios that can cause Firefox to freeze. Freezing/hanging is different from a crash. A crash is when the browser closes unexpectedly. Freezing means not responding your actions.

Check the following symptoms and how to troubleshoot hang/freeze problems.

1. Froze while loading/starting Firefox:

Check your Extensions and Plug-ins:

Determine when the problem started. Check whether it is a problem with an extension that you have recently installed. Some extensions might cause problems like slowing down the browser or freezing up. More »

Every day I find new Firefox tips and tricks that I didn’t know about and then I find out that other people didn’t know about them either. So here’s what I discovered recently to make you more of a Firefox power-user. Some of them are useful keyboard shortcuts to keep your hand away from that mouse, and others are just regular tips to optimize and improve your use of Firefox.


firefoxsearchenginebar.pngCTRL and K – moves your cursor up to the search engine plug-in box. Once you’re there, CTRL and the up / down arrows on your keyboard will jump from search engine to search engine. More »