Translates pdf documents into html format.Translates pdf files into HTML or XML formats, combined with png images. Supports encrypted pdf files.There is a program called pdftohtml to convert pdf to html file.In ubuntu gutsy this package in bundled with poppler-utils so we need to install this package.

Install poppler-utils in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install poppler-utils

This will complete the installation

Using pdftohtml

pdftohtml Syntax More »

Anyone who has ever received an email from a friend or relative with several megabytes of picture attachments will know that newcomers to the wonderful world of computing and digital photography are often unaware that they need to re-size images before they are sent by email or uploaded to websites. Windows has a picture resizer built into the My Pictures folder options but here’s an even better way, a small freeware program called PIXresizer. The key features are that works with both single and multiple files, it converts between most popular image file formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif), it creates thumbnails and there are multiple resizing methods, to make sure you get the best looking results