Rapidshare to Megaupload:

1. Log into your Premium or Collectors account. Click on Remote-Uploads button.

2. Open the Megaupload / DepositFiles / etc. link in your browser. Input the CAPTHCA and wait to generate your download link. Once it is generated.

For Megaupload:

a) Right-click the Download Link button and Copy Link Address.

For DepositFiles:

b) Start the download. Then stop it right away. Copy the url from where the download is coming from.

3. Quickly, paste the download url from the other file host into the Rapidshare form and click Start Remote Upload button. More »

Recently we had written about a free download for rapidshare free users, which lets you download more than one file simultaneously with out any time lag in between.

Its been some time now Rapidshare has removed CATPHA ( entering the code shown in the image to download file). But another very annoying thing you see while downloading any file from rapidshare is the annoying download time before getting the download link.

Today, we will tell you a simple hack which lets you kill the rapidshare download timer and lower it down to zero with in a second. After the timer is zero you will see the Download Link immediately to download your file.

Let’s see how can you make the rapidshare download counter to zero instantly with in a second.

1. Copy the rapidshare link of the file to be downloaded in the address bar
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Recently we had written about a free download  for rapidshare free users, which lets you download more than one file simultaneously with out any time lag in between. Today we will tell you about another free rapidshare downloader which lets you download any fie from rapid share with ease.

Rapid Download is fast, portable and lightweight download accelerator for rapidshare, the use of this rapidshare downloader is quite simple as you just need to copy all the links of the rapidshare files to be downloaded in a file called download.txt and double click the executable of the application rapiddownload.exe

Rapidshare downloader is very small in size with only 14 KB in size, moreover it also checks whether the file as per the download link is still there on the rapidshare servers before downloading.

Features of Rapidshare Downloader (Rapid Download): More »

I’ve just seen your video Optimize Your ISP’s Slow Internet Connection, and I’m kind of an expert on this subject because I have been using dial-up and slow speed connections for all my life and I have only recently updated to a wireless HUAWEI 2G and 3G connection. Anyway, during my time using dial-up I came up with different ways to speed up my connection and here are some of them. By the way, these can also be used for any slow connection speed. I used these techniques when I “upgraded” from dial-up to GPRS via cellular Bluetooth, which was 1KB faster than dial up. Anyway, here we go.

1. Firewalls:
Blocking some programs from connecting to the Internet (like WinAmp player, which automatically tries to check for updates). You’d be surprised how many applications try connecting to the Internet behind your back. I’ve caught my Windows Explorer connecting to the Internet; after looking up the IP thinking it was some Trojan, It turned out to be windows.com. Many people have complained about this, claiming it’s spyware. This is one reason I think Open Source operating systems are much better! More »

Just want to share with you guys on how I can download files from Rapidshare by using the premium download links. As you already know, if we have a premium account, we can download files without need to wait for a certain time period before we can continue our next download. And we can stop and resume our download anytime as long as we download the files using the premium link.

If you don’t have a Rapidshare premium account and want to download files from Rapidshare, you can go to these websites. They will give you the premium download link so you can download the files like you have a premium account. More »