While Microsoft is still hammering away at Internet Explore 8 in order to produce the second Beta, currently planned for August 2008, Mozilla is gearing up to release the first update to Firefox 3.0. The successor of Firefox 2.0 was released to the general public on June 17, 2008, and climbed to a record 8 million downloads in just the first day. Firefox 3.0.1 is the first security and stability update for Firefox 3.0, and Mozilla is targeting July 16 for the release date. Firefox 3.0.1 code freeze status was available at the end of June, and the Beta versions of the first update to version 3.0 are already live and up for grabs.

“Candidate builds of Firefox 3.0.1 are now available for testing. You can get the builds here. If you have previously downloaded a beta version of Firefox 3.0 or have manually set your copy to be using the ‘beta’ release channel for updates, you can update yourself to Firefox 3.0.1 by selecting ‘Help > Check for Updates’,” revealed Samuel Sidler, Quality Assurance Engineer at Mozilla. More »

You can use the command-line tool IPCONFIG to get network information such as your IP address and to perform other tasks for troubleshooting network issues.

However, if you prefer a graphical user interface over command lines, you can download a GUI tool that will run on Windows XP and Windows 2000. The tool that’s installed is Wntipcfg.exe.

The tool identifies your IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway for each of your network interfaces, including the interface for your network adapter, your dial-up networking interface, and your PPTP interface. It allows you to click a button to Release, Renew, Release all, or Renew all when configuring an IP address. More »

So, after months (years) of speculation and rumour, Apple has finally announced the iPhone in all its glory.

PcTips box has already covered the initial communications aspects, and what it might mean for UK consumers if and when it arrives in Britain, plus reactions from the likes of Orange and Nokia (scroll to end of this article for the links) so in this article I’ll take a look at the key features of this ‘revolutionary’ new mobile phone.
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