Search engines are a big part of any REALTORS daily online marketing or research tools. What some Agents do not realize is that there are a bunch of advanced command line attributes you can use when searching on Google that may help you out a great deal. This was taken from a Google help page and tried to replace some references with more appropriate examples.

Phrase search (” “)
By putting double quotes around a set of words, you are telling Google to consider the exact words in that exact order without any change. Google already uses the order and the fact that the words are together as a very strong signal and will stray from it only for a good reason, so quotes are usually unnecessary. By insisting on phrase search you might be missing good results accidentally. For example, a search for [ “Montclair Real Estate” ] (with quotes) will miss the pages that refer to Montclair NJ Real Estate.

Search within a specific website (site:)
Google allows you to specify that your search results must come from a given website. For example, the query [ condos ] will return pages about Condos but only from The simpler queries [ Condos ] or [ Condos New York Times ] will usually be just as good, though they might return results from other sites that mention the New York Times. More »

Microsoft has stepped up its security vulnerability research and defense, making available a new online hotspot designed to offer a “deep” insight into the threats associated with the company’s software products. Deep and not quite. Jonathan Ness, the head of the Microsoft SWI Defense team of software security engineers, revealed that IT professionals and security researchers would be able to access information related to security vulnerabilities, as well as the necessary mitigations and workarounds to dodge exploits, but also data about active attacks, along with extended guidance. At the same time, the Redmond company will attempt to divulge as little information as possible. The contradiction comes as Microsoft has to protect the end users from the risks associated with reverse engineering. More »