To access Safe Mode is on what to do in a normal session are as follows:

The drop-down bar at the bottom right corner of the mouse cursor on the right side take “Settings”, click here.

After clicking on the settings (this is important) by pressing the “POWER” button, press the SHIFT key and click the “restart”.

Troubleshoot problems after you select “options” from the “advanced options” screen, then click “Start Settings” is selected. More »

While Outlook 2007 offers many new features that do indeed offer real benefits it can come at a price – performance.

On my Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM Outlook 2007 originally took a good 20 seconds to fire up from a fully booted PC and appeared to be constantly sluggish. So what can be done about it?

Tip 1: Delete attachments

A little-known feature in Outlook is the ability to keep an email but delete one or several attachment. Firstly, sort your inbox by file size (descending) and open a message (by double clicking so it opens in a new window) where you no longer wish to keep the attachment. Right click over the attachment and select Remove. Now save the email, repeat with all relevant emails in this mailbox and then repeat in any other mailboxes (including your sent items). More »

There can be many scenarios that can cause Firefox to freeze. Freezing/hanging is different from a crash. A crash is when the browser closes unexpectedly. Freezing means not responding your actions.

Check the following symptoms and how to troubleshoot hang/freeze problems.

1. Froze while loading/starting Firefox:

Check your Extensions and Plug-ins:

Determine when the problem started. Check whether it is a problem with an extension that you have recently installed. Some extensions might cause problems like slowing down the browser or freezing up. More »

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 might very well deliver users from the Reduced Functionality Mode black screen of death kill switch, but the prerequisite updates for the service pack are doing a wonderful job at cutting access to the operating system. Following Microsoft’s monthly patch cycle non-security updates released on February 12, 2007, containing two of the remaining prerequisite updates for Vista SP1, Vista users began complaining about installation failures. Some Vista machines, after the implementation of updates via Automatic Updates are thrown in an infinite reboot loop, while stuck on displaying the following message: “Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 0% complete. Do not turn off Computer.” More »