Defrag your Hard Disk

A big part of computer users regularly combine HDD does. Regular intervals with the computer slows down and the system’s HDD may reduce performance. To prevent this, especially laptop users do not create periodically combined with the hard disk is. And it will be more tired when you try HDDniz So your battery will be reflected in a positive way.

Resources unnecessary applications that use the last

Reduce the performance of the computer system one of the most important factors are background applications running. Some may be required, although some users of the application running in the background that has no benefits. Use of system resources is much lower not only the system performance, but also the serious laptoplarda at a rate which reduces battery life. Therefore, a vital importance for you to close applications that are not favorable to your battery life will reflect. More »

For reasons inexplicable to mere mortals, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to customize how Windows Vista’s screensavers work for example, by changing how the bubbles look in the Bubbles screensaver, or the number or thickness of the ribbons in the Ribbons screensaver.

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty by using the Registry, though, you can customize both. For the Bubbles screensaver, for example, you can turn the bubbles metallic or keep them transparent, configure whether the bubbles should have shadows, and display the bubbles against the desktop or instead against a solid black background. For the Ribbons screensaver, you can change the number and thickness of the ribbons.

To customize the Bubbles screensaver, launch the Registry Editor by typing regedit at the Start Search box or at a command prompt and pressing Enter. Then: More »

I was searching a way on how can we convert any screensaver of windows vista to make it work in win xp and I found some vista screensavers prorated for xp.

Windows vista offers some very cool screensavers like.. Aurora, Bubbles, Mystify, Ribbons.

Out of all these I like the bubble screensaver the most, all these screensavers looks awesome but the bubble screensaver is the best as it does not change the desktop background when it’s running. More »

Microsoft released many new screensavers for Windows Vista that look great. However, for some reason they never made option screens for them. All of the new screensavers have settings that you can tweak to completely change the look and behavior. Without an options screen, the only way to do this is with editing the registry directly. This guide will help you use registry hacks to customize the Windows Vista screensavers including:

– Aurora
– Mystify
– Bubbles
– Ribbons

Using Sysinternals Strings utility, I was able to detect the registry settings listed below. Some of these settings have been known for a while since Long’s article. Others are a exclusive. I have tried my best to figure out what the working values of the new registry settings I discovered with the Strings utility. If you happen to figure out a value I don’t have please let me know and I will update the list. More »