this post I will tell you about this trick just follow the steps and take the help of the snapshot mentioned in the post and then you will be able to perform this trick.

The steps are mentioned as follows:

1. Type gpedit.msc in the search menu at the bottom of the start menu, the location of that text field has been mentioned in the snapshot mentioned below.

2. Now follow the path mentioned below: User Configuration/ Administrative Templates/ Start Menu and Taskbar.

3. After you get to this page, click the option highlighted in Add Search internet Taks to Start Menu.

4. You will see another application window in which you are supposed to enable that setting and then click OK to save that setting. After these settings now search anything in the same search text field and then see a new option in your search results. You default browser will be added for the search results over internet.
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Get more from your iPhone 4 by turning on character counts in text messaging, changing fonts for readability, avoiding the “Death Grip,” and more.

Turn on character counts in text messaging.

To keep track of text message character counts, go to Settings -> Messages -> Character Count, and flip the switch to “on.” When you type a text message, you’ll see a character count. The character count started when I got to 30 characters in a quick test.

Make notes, text messages, and address book entries easier to read by making the font bigger.

Change the font in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Large Text.

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