I own a desktop hard drive, Seagate FreeAgent 500 GB and I also recently purchased a 1 TB Western Digital Elements portable hard drive, both of which I use to store movies, music, tv shows, and other stuff that I download from the internet or collect from friends.

The problem arises when you want to listen to music or watch a movie directly from the hard drive. Most such external hard drives have a built-in power saving feature, which causes them to spin down after a while of inactivity. What happens when you are watching a movie or listening to music is that the player reads a somewhat large chunk of data from the hard drive, stores it in the buffer, plays from it, and when that chunk of data is played, it queries the disk again for the next chunk. In between this period, the disk is marked as unused, and it therefore spins down to save power. More »

We always hear spy ware but what basically is it? It is a type of malware that is being installed on computers and collects information about users without their knowledge. These are typically hidden from the user, and are difficult to detect. on purpose in order to secretly monitor other users.

While the term spy ware suggests that software it secretly monitors the user’s computing. Spy ware programs can collect various types of personal information such as Internet surfing habits and sites that have been visited. Spy ware is known to change computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds, different home pages or loss of Internet or functionality of other programs.

In response to the emergence of spy ware, various tools are being designed in order to protect from the spy ware attack.One of them is the Spy DLL Remover. More »

We are all creatures of habit and my guess is that you run through pretty much the same routine every day when you boot up your PC.

If you think about it you probably spend a couple of minutes each day loading the same programs, web pages, maybe even the same music playlists, so just think how much time you would save if it could all be done automatically?

Of course there are ways to get Windows to launch applications at boot up, but there is a better way and it’s called Start My Day. This nifty little freeware application fire up your favourite apps, web pages and media using a built-in alarm clock so, for example, if you like to listen to your favourite tunes or watch some videos with a cup of coffee at 11.00 am precisely, just tell Start My Day what you want it to do, and it will be done. More »

Windows 7 brings to the table a new feature designed to enhance user experiences for the integration of third-party devices with the operating system. Device Stage is set up to make it as easy as possible for Windows 7 customers to deal with printers, cameras, phones, music players and other devices and gadgets right from the platform, as a central hub for all the hardware connected to a machine. A new resource developed by the Redmond company and offered as a free download makes it as easy as possible for Microsoft partners to build advanced Device Stage experiences for their products.

“We’re excited to announce that the Device Stage Visual Editor Tool is now available for our partners. This new new tool and accompanying user’s guide make it extremely easy for our partners (device manufacturers) to develop and build custom Device Stage metadata packages for their products that include realistic device icons, eye-catching branding, and tasks tailored to the needs of their customers,” noted Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Communications Manager on the Windows Client Communications Team. More »

Sometimes, you want that you system should get switched off automatically, especially when you are not monitoring that system. It often happens that the tools commonly used by the users do not provide the sufficient options for the system shutdown. Thus, they are supposed to be specific while leaving their system for automatic shutdown.

The freeware which I will be reviewing today will solve this problem by allotting you large number of options for automatic system shut down, the name of this tool is DShutdown.

This tool has large number of features, which I will be explaining later. I have already reviewed a similar tool knows as ‘Shutdown Timer’ but it has less features as compared to DShutdown. This tool can list out the number of systems present on your network and can shutdown them, only if you already have the right to do so. More »