After it released a resource designed to help customers of the latest iteration of its productivity suite get familiarized with Word, Microsoft is releasing a similar guide for Excel. Microsoft Excel 2010: Interactive menu to ribbon guide is now available for download free of charge. The guide is designed to help long time users of Office, but which have not tried any new versions of the product since Office 2003, to find their way around the latest version of the product.

With the introduction of Office 2007, Microsoft completely overhauled the graphical user interface, moving away from the traditional Menu style. In Office 2010, the Redmond company perfected the new look and feel associated with the Ribbon/Fluent GUI. However, users that did not make the jump to Office 2007, with find just as big of a gap in terms of the evolution of the UI when it comes down to Office 2010. More »

If you are a Firefox user, you know certain websites are quirky or just simply will not work correctly in Firefox (such as Windows Update), and you simply have to use Internet Explorer. While these websites are somewhat few and far between, they exist none-the-less.

You have several ways of handling this sites like this: More »