While responding to criticism over the iPhone 4’s reception issues, which Apple continues to label as inexistent, the company confirmed that a free software update would be rolled out for all iPhone users. Scheduled to arrive in “a few weeks”, the update will be made available not only for iPhone 4 users, but also for owners of an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS.

By posting an open letter to answer the bad PR surrounding its iPhone 4, Apple admitted that the formula it used to calculate how many bars of signal strength iPhones should display in certain circumstances was “totally wrong”.

“Our formula, in many instances, mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength,” the company said. “For example, we sometimes display 4 bars when we should be displaying as few as 2 bars,” Apple explained. “Users observing a drop of several bars when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don’t know it because we are erroneously displaying 4 or 5 bars. More »

Forecasts of the evolution of PC shipments estimate that approximately 380 million units will be sold by the end of 2010, some 70 million more compared to 2009. The vast majority of these units will ship with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which prompted the not so unrealistic prediction that Windows 7 would hit the 300 million sold licenses mark by the end of the year. And yet, although more than 1 million PCs are being sold each day, the perspective that the post-PC era is nigh emerged earlier this month.

“The transformation of PC to new form factors like the tablet is going to make some people uneasy because the PC has taken us a long way,” noted Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the D8 conference, comparing PCs with trucks for an agrarian world. “The PC is brilliant […] and we like to talk about the post-PC era, but it’s uncomfortable.” More »

As far as traditional methods of installing Windows go, the latest iteration of the Windows client can be easily deployed from media such as DVDs and CDs. But in addition to the default installation method for retail flavors of the operating system, Windows 7 can also be deployed via the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) included in the OEM System Builder Pack, through the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK), via USB sticks and even from a Windows Phone.

Smartphones are not in any manner the same that they were when Windows Vista was released in January 2007. In fact, the technology has evolved sufficiently enough that devices running the latest version of Windows Mobile operating system can be used in order to install Windows 7 on a computer, instead of a DVD or a USB.

At the bottom of this article, users will be able to watch an embedded video demonstration of just how to deploy Windows 7 via a Windows Phone, authored by Microsoft’s James O’Neill. At the start of this year, O’Neill received a new toy, namely an HTC Touch Pro 2, running Windows Mobile 6.5 (a.k.a Windows Phone). Readers of his blog already know this, since he wouldn’t shut up about it. More »

CrunchGear has info that the Microsoft Execs are masterminding the Zune Phone as you read this news. According to CrunchGear it will be a smartphone that works homogeneously with the Zune marketplace. It will most likely not, however, run Windows Mobile. Rather it will make use of an interface similar to the current Zune, an interface considered among the best available on audio players.

Connectivity is the major concern of the device. It is said that it will be able to sync with the Xbox 360 and stream video from the system to the phone via a wireless data connection. This would be pivotal in Microsoft is proliferation of its media ambitions. Not only does it already have millions of 360s in homes capable of downloading movies, itd be able to distribute those videos directly to its phones. Speculation perhaps, but probably a much faster route to a larger GSM market than the Apple unit.

We have just received a sound tip that Microsoft is working on its very own phone to be branded under the Zune moniker. Our tipsters inform us that Microsoft execs are in meetings today hammering out details of the device and developing strategies and timescales for its release.
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