Spammers are always willing to do anything it’s possible to create huge lists of valid email addresses in order to be able to launch new attacks. They are even selling huge lists of emails to other spammers who intend to send unsolicited messages to all the contacts. The latest trend seems to be infecting people’s computers with a worm and steal their email addresses. WORM_ZHELATI.AIR was discovered by security vendor Trend Micro, which wrote that it affected most Windows flavors including 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003. Although it has a low damage potential and a low distribution potential, the worm can reach your computer by email or straight from a malicious website visited by the user. More »

Security has always been one of the top concerns for us no matter if we’re talking about viruses, malware, Trojan horses, credit card fraud or hack attacks. They’re all dangerous and capable of causing important damages or financial losses, so it’s extremely important to apply the most powerful security measures as soon as possible. Christmas is not only that time of the year when you finally get the chance to spend some time with family and friends, but it’s also one of the busiest periods when it comes to computer security. Although we’re all expecting Santa and his nice gifts, don’t be too surprised if you get only Viagra, watches and drugs as spam messages have always been so generous. More »

WHOOPS! Whilst attempting to enhance its email service yesterday, Yahoo! Broke it completely. “While we were working on an improvement to our email delivery systems, email delivery was inadvertently suspended for some members of some groups,” admits the company.

“Unfortunately, while messages posted to affected groups during this time were saved to group archives, the messages cannot now be delivered via email.” But the answer is simple, say Yahoo! Boffins. “You may want to suggest that your members resend any messages they had sent between yesterday afternoon and this morning, if they want to ensure they are read by other members.” More »

Windows Vista and Office 2007 are just over the horizon and are probably going to take a significant chunk out of most people is bank balances. If after buying these apps you find yourself a bit short of cash, then you should check out some of the great free software available for Windows.

The Simple Dollar have created a list of 30 Essential Free Programs For Windows. Listed are great programs like Firefox and Thunderbird that many people have heard of. But, did you know that Mozilla also offer Sunbird, which is a free calendaring application? More »