Here are five quick tips to enhance your Firefox 3.6 experience.

1. Open links in the tab bar far right

In Firefox 3.6, links opened from a web page (middle-clicking on them or from the context menu) open to the right of the current page to keep related content closer by default. To restore the previous behavior, access the advanced preferences by visiting about:config, then look for preference browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent and set it to false.

2. Enable tab previews

If you prefer to see tabs thumbnails when switching tabs with Ctrl + Tab, set browser.ctrlTab.previews to true via about:config.

3. Enable tab previews menu button

Convert the list all tabs button (far right in the tab bar), set browser.allTabs.previews to true via about:config.

4. Tab previews hotkey

To quickly access the all tabs preview panel (once enabled) and search press Shift + Ctrl + Tab.
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I don’t want to make you any more paranoid about PC security than you already are (and yes, they are out to get you), but a report in Engadget suggests that a pair of Japanese students can hack WPA encryption, used on most Wi-Fi enabled devices, in around a minute. They have come up with a fancy new algorithm that, for the moment at least they’re keeping to themselves. It beats the previous record by some 10 – 15 minutes, making it a potential threat to Wi-Fi users. Details of the crack are due to be announced next month at a conference in Hiroshima, so it’s not in the wild yet, and even if it does escape, most users can protect their files by switching their WEP to AES (Advanced Encryption System) mode, or using the (so far) still secure WPA 2 system.

If you are a ardent web surfer and you use firefox mostly for web browsing,then this article could be interesting for you.

It is very common for a web surfer to open more than 9 sites in a firefox in the same window, it happens to me as when I browse through large number of blogs and web sites opened in different uncountable tabs.

Switching across these tabs becomes more and more difficult when as number increases, so there a key board shortcut associated with each tab starting from left as ctrl+1 for first tab, ctrl+2 for the second tab and so on..

But these shortcuts are limited up to ctrl+9 to access the opened tab the 9th position but if you want to access the last opened tab with a keyboard shortcut you can’t do this in any version lesser then Firefox 3.0 More »

If you like Firefox then you are just going to wet yourself with pleasure with this new Add-On. It is called Tab Effect but that tells you nothing. In fact what it does is animate open tabs, so when you click to change to another tabbed window the display turns into a 3D cube that rotates to show you the selected tab. It is brilliant and a major time-waster, if like me, you end up constantly switching tabs just to watch it doing its stuff. The download is tiny, just 38kb, simply click on the Install Now button and it does the rest, you will have to restart Firefox to get it working. If for any reason you dont like it, or you experience problems simply go to Add-Ons on the Tools menu and click the Uninstall button. Try it now, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

As a computer consultant to nonprofit organizations, I frequently encounter clients who pay more for their Internet service than they need to. They may have listened to a salesperson instead of a trusted advisor when selecting service, or never renegotiated their rate over the years as prices dropped. The result is that nonprofits sometimes end up paying hundreds of dollars a year for a level of Internet service they don’t need.

I’ve worked with organizations that have paid $24 per month for dial-up Internet service when less-expensive Internet Service Providers ( ISPs) abound, others that have paid $200 a month for SDSL when ADSL is adequate and costs less, and some that have paid high rates for slow ISDN when speedy ADSL is available for less. More »