Addressing owners of an iPod nano (5th generation), or iPod shuffle (3rd generation), and users of, iTunes 9, iTunes 8 for Windows, and iTunes 8 for Mac, Apple has posted a short guide on removing the VoiceOver kit from one’s computer.

While introducing its third-generation iPod shuffle last year, Apple revealed that the screen-less player used VoiceOver, a Mac OS X-specific feature, to speak out the names of playlists and songs to the user. “VoiceOver tells you the name of the song and who performs it. It also announces your playlists. So while you’re listening, you can keep running, walking, lifting, or biking,” Apple said.

However, upon setting up their iPod for use with a computer, customers must first download the VoiceOver Kit to their computer. “By downloading VoiceOver Kit to your computer, your iPod will announce the names of your songs, artists, and playlists,” Apple Support document HT3507 reveals. “If you no longer wish to use the VoiceOver feature on your iPod and want to remove the VoiceOver Kit from your computer, follow the steps below,” Apple states. The following steps are then provided for each supported OS. More »

The Microsoft acquisition Sysinternals that is famous for their useful Windows utilities has a new site up that allows you to easily access any of their utilities for free over the internet in your command prompt. This allows you to run any of their utilities without first downloading it to your computer. Just open an administrative level command prompt and type in:


For example if you want to run Autoruns (a great program to see what starts up automatically) type \\\tools\autoruns.exe and hit Enter.

Every Sysinternals utility is available for “live” use. More »

I use firefox web browser every where, at my office pc, on my home desktop pc and as well on my laptop.

I always wanted to sync up my firefox on all these locations automatically, including my firefox bookmarks, browser settings ,add ons so I don’t have to configure my firefox at all these places etc.

So. I decided to google out the ways for syncing up my firefox browser with my google account.

Basically there are certain things which needs to be in sync like firefox settings , its bookmarks, browsing history etc.

Let’s cover them one by one

Following are the firefox extensions required in order to sync up your firefox with your google account. More »

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Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO, announced a long time ago that iPhone, the next generation handheld device, will be also compatible with Google’s products. The long awaited gadget was finally released on June 29 and some of the users are asking themselves how they can sync the device with Google Calendar. If you’re a Google Calendar user then you should know that it’s a product powered by the Mountain View company that allows you to organize and track your events. If you’re not a fan, now you know.

However, some of the users are looking for help and, since the product was recently released, the Internet is quite useless as no trick is posted yet. More »

Windows Vista includes an extremely useful utility called Mobility Center, designed for laptop users to give you lightning quick access to all functions that a mobile user would need.

Open Mobility Center

Use the hotkey Win+X to quickly launch mobility center. You could also find it in the Start menu. More »