To access Safe Mode is on what to do in a normal session are as follows:

The drop-down bar at the bottom right corner of the mouse cursor on the right side take “Settings”, click here.

After clicking on the settings (this is important) by pressing the “POWER” button, press the SHIFT key and click the “restart”.

Troubleshoot problems after you select “options” from the “advanced options” screen, then click “Start Settings” is selected. More »

I am here again with a nice tip and a free EXE to help you in tuning your system. You must have struggled a lot with ‘regedit’ to tune up your system as it really helps you to set your system settings as per your convenience and this also help your system to be faster. In this post I will be helping you to use a small installable EXE file which will help you to use the system registry files smartly and quickly, let us see that how you can use this tool for your ease.

You can see the snapshot of the System registry folder icon in your browser. This seems to be quite new to you but we have a tool which can be retrieved by clicking the download link mentioned below. Initially the only method to run ‘regedit’ on your system was to go to the RUN window and then type this keyword in the text field after your press you must have observed a separate window in which all the registry files are present in the folders and then if you want to change anything then it can be done in that same browser. More »

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature built into Windows Vista that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely.

If you’re trying to use a program that’s being blocked from running by DEP this guide might be able to help.

Warning: Make sure the program being blocked is not a virus. Another reason for DEP blocking software is because it’s been written so poorly it would make your system unstable. Use this guide at your own risk.

Turn Off DEP for an Individual Program

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. Make sure the Control Panel is in classic view by clicking Classic View in the left pane of the control panel.

3. Open System. More »

Microsoft has increased both the power and complexity of its popular Windows operating system with the release of Windows Vista. The TweakVista™ tweaking utility helps you configure Windows Vista to meet your personal needs by improving performance and customizing system settings.

Unlike other power tools for Windows, TweakVista™ automatically prompts enhancement recommendations, offering easy “one click” updates to otherwise complex configuration changes. TweakVista™ is also safe to use. By utilizing Microsoft’s system-restore technology any changes you make can easily be rolled back. You can freely experiment with different settings without disabling your computer. More »

Today, you will learn how to install Ubuntu Gutsy (as a second operating system) on your PlayStation 3 gaming console. For those of you who think for a second (and who are scared) that this will replace their PS3 operating system, well you guys are wrong, because this will NOT erase your PlayStation 3 native operating system (called XMB) and it will run as an alternative OS on your PS3 console. Ready? Are you excited? Let’s go!

Things needed: More »