Despite Windows 8 having a lot of new features to the improvement in speed, you even speed it up further with two simple tricks. In this article, I will show you how to increase the speed of Windows 8 by making menus appear quicker. Of course some may argue that making menus appear quicker is not making Windows 8 faster, but surely no one will argue that making menus appear quicker gives Windows 8 the appearance of being faster… and appearance is often just as important as fact.

Take note these tricks involve editing two registry values, which is a very sensitive part of Windows. If you do something wrong, you may screw up your computer so it is recommended to a) pay close attention and do only what I tell you and b) back up your files before continuing. More »

What will Windows 8? This article we’ve put together all known about the operating system.

Windows 8 will be released when?

According to slides in Windows 8 “holiday” will be released, but it is not clear which holiday. Coding on the schedule that would begin in June, but according to some sources even completed milestone 1 build. IE9 ‘s first beta and Windows Live Wave is shown in the August run.

Chart-scale slides and that the dates have not changed a bit in March 2011 before we consider the beta version of Windows 8, the RTM version will be published in July, immediately after.

Towards the end of 2011 or in Windows 8, output is expected to be the beginning of 2012. Milestone 3 build’e expect Microsoft to depict a date. More »

Consumer preferences in terms of computing are shifting to a new form factor in the detriment of PCs and, at least for the time being, Windows.

iPad and Tablet PCs provide increasing competition to traditional personal computers, so much so in fact, that market analysis firm Gartner has changed the forecast of worldwide PC shipments, noting that OEMs will push less machines than expected this year.

Worldwide PC shipments are still expected to grow in 2010 by an impressive 14.3% compared to 2009, to as much as 352.4 million units. , At the same time, Gartner now estimates a more modest growth compared to the original projections from September, which involved a 17.9% growth.

At the same time, while the firm expects PC shipments to continue increasing at a double digit figure in the coming year, it now says that the number of units shipped will only jump 15.9% instead of the 18.1% forecasted initially to 409 million units. More »