Anyone upgrading from XP to Vista may be wondering what happened to the file-type association menu option that used to be in the Windows Explorer. For example, say that *.TXT files are currently associated with NotePad as the default editor, but you want to change them to be associated with WordPad, Textpad, NotePad++, or whatever your favorite editor may be. In XP, such associations were managed via the Windows Explorer under Tools >> Folder Options >> File Types.
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Notepad++, a popular and active open source project, is an ASCII file editor with advanced features that put it on par with TextPad, a shareware program that we reviewed recently (see link, below). Notepad++ uses a plug-in architecture. Plug-ins added with the 4.1 release include a spellchecker, NppExec (which is akin to TextPad’s facility for executing external tools), and QuickText (Which is akin to TextPad’s clip library). More »

Have you ever tried to copy something simple from a web page into Outlook or MS Word only to see it mess up your formatting? The Windows clipboard helps you by copying the formatting information from the website. Sometimes thats exactly what you want, but more often its incompatible with the formatting of the document or e-mail you are pasting it into. So how do you stop that helpfulness? You cant turn off the rich format feature, but there are ways around it. Here are two simple workarounds:

The First Way
Copy your text as you normally would. Then in your document select Edit | Paste Special You will get the following dialog box: More »