Who does not like animations? Colorful and beautiful animations that leads to an image that most people use it. But in some cases can be distracting animations. Windows 8 on the startup screen of the current (Modern User Interface).

In particular, by using the Windows key on the desktop, the start screen is quite annoying animations that last time, eye-stinging can be. Is there a way to avoid this is easy. A few short animations will be disabled after the procedure. First of all, the search at the “My Computer” Let’s call. Already typing the entire word, the result will be. More »

1. Google gravity : Feel the effect of gravity on google. All page components will fall down due to gravity.

To perform the trick of Google Gravity, just do the following:

  • Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
  • Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
  • Type in Google Gravity into the search box.
  • Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
  • Move the mouse.

Note: I tried it but it doesnot work with IE but it works with MOZILLA and CHROME.
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Still new on the market, Windows Phone 7 has been strongly backed by smartphone manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and LG. Following the operating system’s announcements, a set of seven devices running Microsoft’s new mobile OS were launched on the market. If you are one of the lucky few that managed to get their hands on one of these Windows Phone 7 devices, then you’re in for some first steps into uncharted grounds.

The following guide contains a few tips for those that already got their WP7 smartphone and would like a few basic pointers about the OS’s capabilities.

Much of the Windows Phone 7 UI is based on hubs, which can be added, deleted, edited or moved. The same goes for the Start screen which is populated by default with only a handful of hubs. To add a new application to the homescreen, long press the icon of the app until a contextual menu will show up and choose “Pin to start”. More »

Gmail revolutionized online email clients when it first launched, and has since added a host of functionality and features to the site to help users get trough the ever-increasing number of emails they receive every day. But many of those features aren’t even known by most, let alone used, so the Gmail team has set out to create some tips for all types of Gmail users, from rookies to seasoned veterans.

“Everybody has their own system for managing email, but some are definitely more efficient than others. Even if you only get a few messages a day, there are probably some simple things you can do to make it easier to get through your inbox and maybe even have a little fun along the way.” Zach Yeskel, product marketing manager, wrote on the Gmail blog.

“We know time is valuable, so we asked lots of Googlers for their tips and tricks on how they make the most of Gmail, and we combined the best of these into a guide at www.gmail.com/tips, cheekily entitled ‘Become a Gmail Ninja.’ The tips are categorized into ninja belts (white, green, black and master) based on how much mail you get each day.” More »

Change the Scenery.
Windows 7 allows you to personalize your desktop background to suit your many moods with a new shuffle feature for your desktop. You can program your desktop background to shuffle through your favorite images and get a change of scenery as often as you like. To enable the shuffle feature, rightclick on your Desktop and select “Personalize,” then “Desktop Background.” Choose the folder where your favorite images or photos are stored and select as many as you like. Make sure you check the “Shuffle” box, and choose how often you’d like your images to shuffle. It’s a simple way to keep your desktop looking fresh and fun.

Crunch The Numbers.
The new Windows 7 calculator is a number cruncher’s dream. New functionality allows the user to not only calculate in the Standard and Scientific modes, but also in Programmer and Statistics modes. And that’s not all! Ever need conversion formulas for temperature, weight, area, or time? Finding the unit conversion option makes it a snap and takes all the work out of the user’s hands. There are even templates for gas mileage, lease estimations, and mortgage estimations. More »