This step-by-step guide presents the safest procedure to be used when you want to restore your iPod to its factory settings.

If you have an iPod, you must have come across at least one of the following problems: your iPod freezes while playing a movie or song, does not respond to any of your commands, or just goes blank and nothing you tried brings it back to life.

If you haven’t experienced any of these problems until now you are a lucky guy/girl and this guide is not for you. You may still hang around though, reading the rest of the article, just in case your iPod will one day decide to show you its ugly face.

Almost all these problems appear because all Apple iPod devices’ firmware. An iPod’s firmware is a layer between its hardware and software which is closely tied to your iPod’s hardware and it basically controls all its basic functions from the moment you power it up. More »

Have you ever had your iPhone/iPod touch‘s language changed by a malevolent friend that just stood there afterwards, watching you squirm while you were trying to understand Chinese? Or, even worse, have you ever changed your language by mistake and, after trying to change it back countless times, ended up at an Apple Store having to face the snobbish looks the “genius” gave you?

While this will still allow you to use your device (make and/or receive calls on the iPhone, load and play a playlist or track on your iPod), you will definitely be extremely annoyed by this situation. If your last measure would be to just restore a backup on your device and get back your personal settings and, hopefully, your preferred language, I have good news for you: there is a simple procedure you will have to follow that will not have you jumping through hoops.
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Some of the iPad users reported that their ipad got stuck and does not respond to any button press or touch action, in such a case you would need to reset your ipad to revert it back to factory state. There are different procedure to follow to reset your iPad depending on what is your current condition of your iPad.

What To Do When iPad Hangs ?

Just in case if your iPad does not respond to any action, you will need to restart it by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears – which confirms that iPad is restarted.

Now there are different levels and type of reset for ipad as follows.
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The first service pack for Windows 7 might include a fix for a problem related to the new Natural User Interface of the operating system.

Microsoft has detailed an issue affecting Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate and Professional running on touch-capable computers, which involves frozen speed settings for the double tap gesture.

“Consider the following scenario: open up the “Control Panel;” browse to “Hardware and Sound” -> “Pen and Touch” -> “Touch” tab; under “Touch Actions”, select “Double-tap” and click “Settings…” Change the Speed setting slider from “Fast” to “Slow” or from “Slow” to “Fast”. After you change the speed setting, double tap at different rates and you will notice no difference between fast and slow speed setting,” Microsoft stated.

Windows 7 comes with multi-touch support by default, although the feature is limited to computers that have the necessary hardware to allow customers to use the operating system’s NUI. Double tap is a gesture equivalent to the double click performed with the mouse.

In this regard, Windows 7 should allow end users to change the speed of the double tap just as it does for double click. According to Microsoft, this is not the case. More »