Rapidshare to Megaupload:

1. Log into your Premium or Collectors account. Click on Remote-Uploads button.

2. Open the Megaupload / DepositFiles / etc. link in your browser. Input the CAPTHCA and wait to generate your download link. Once it is generated.

For Megaupload:

a) Right-click the Download Link button and Copy Link Address.

For DepositFiles:

b) Start the download. Then stop it right away. Copy the url from where the download is coming from.

3. Quickly, paste the download url from the other file host into the Rapidshare form and click Start Remote Upload button. More »

These days use of torrent has increased tremendously and it is qiute easy also even I prefer torrent to any other site but the problem is that it is slower than other websites. But where there is a problem there is a solution. Following are the 5 ways in which you can speed up your Torrent. Try it!

1. Cap your upload (most important)

Limit your upload speed to approximately 80 percent of your maximum upload rate. You can check your upload speed over here (never trust your isp). Once you know your maximum upload speed, change the max upload (to 80%) speed in your torrent client’s preferences.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone should share as much as possible, but if your upload rate reached it’s max, your download rate suffers significantly.

2. Hack the max TCP connections

If you’re on XP sp2, your TCP connections are limited to a maximum of 10. This seriously hurts your downloading speed because it wont let you connect to a high amount of ip numbers. It is supposed to slow down viruses because their spreading strategy is to connect to a high amount of ip numbers, but it also cripples your torrent downloads. More »