Are you running an older computer with Windows Vista or Windows XP and looking to upgrade to the latest iteration of the Windows client once it becomes available on October 22nd, 2009? Then you need to know that Microsoft has done its best to streamline the evaluation process of existing machines when it comes down to Windows 7 upgrade readiness. All you have to do is download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and run it locally on the computer you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 7. A Beta development milestone of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is currently available via the Microsoft Download Center.

When it comes down to Windows 7 upgrades,meeting the hardware requirements is just a part of the equation. Fact is that more complex details are involved. And while it might be easy for end users to tell whether their system’s hardware configuration matches the Windows 7 requirements, when it comes down to application compatibility and device driver support, things are a tad more complicated. Except if you turn to the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

“Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC’s system, programs and devices to check if it’s able to run Windows 7. More »

An issue originally associated with Windows Vista upgrades has come back to haunt Windows 7, as the operating system was released in Beta stage to the general public at the start of January 2009. According to Microsoft’s Nanda Lella, upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 is a process that will kill more than just the Ultimate Extras additions, if in fact the end users run the high-end edition of Windows XP‘s successor. Lella revealed that the Vista to Windows 7 Beta upgrade would cause the RSS feeds associated with Internet Explorer to no longer update.

This is by no means a new issue. In fact, approximately a couple of years back, Vista users were running into the same issue. The context however, was a tad different. At that time IE feeds were killed by Vista to Vista upgrades. “Our investigations show that these tend to occur after upgrades from one pre-release build of Windows Vista to another version. If you’re encountering this issue, first make sure that the feed URL is still valid by manually updating the feed (press F5 while viewing the feed in IE7),” explained Walter vonKoch, Microsoft program manager. More »


If you purchased a PC after October 26th or plan to do so in the next few months then Santa may have another little present for you early next year. Many PC manufacturers and vendors have signed up to Microsoft is Free or discount Vista Express Upgrade scheme. The only trouble is they may not have told you about it, or they are not making it easy to sign up for the vouchers, which should be sent out in January. Some companies are also imposing shed-loads of conditions or imposing handling charges and which version of Vista you ge6t depends on the OS the new PC you have just bought is using but even so, with copies of Vista selling for upwards of 100 it’s probably still a good deal, even if it is not exactly a freebie. More »