While a vulnerability does exist in the latest Windows client and server platforms with Aero enabled, actually getting exploit code to work and performing successful attacks are not likely to happen. Microsoft downplayed the risk users of Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Server 2008 R2 for 64-bit systems and Windows Server 2008 R2 Itanium systems were exposed to, indicating that the new zero-day, for which details had been disclosed in the wild, was extremely hard to exploit. At the same time, the Redmond company underlined that it was not aware of any attacks targeting the flaw, or of exploit code capable of reaching execution.

Jerry Bryant, group manager, Response Communications, Microsoft, revealed that the new security hole resided in the Windows Canonical Display Driver (cdd.dll). Microsoft has already published Security Advisory 2028859, informing customers of the issue and offering advice on how to stay protected until a patch is offered. More »

Many of us don’t like the aero blur effect in windows 7 when aero is enabled, most of the people get annoyed and they would prefer it to be more transparent rather than being translucent.

This blur is by default enabled when you enable aero in windows, however you can easily get rid of blur with disabling aero but there is no setting in windows which would allow you stop or disable aero blur.

Hence there are some registry tweaks and some free tools which can help you disable aero blur in windows 7, lets discuss about then one by one. Read on further to know more about such tools and tweaks.

Below are two snapshots one taken with aero blur on and another with aero blur off More »

We just got a question from one of our reader who is getting annoyed by windows 7 aero snap feature, he don’t like the aero snap feature or automatic windows arrangement, so he wants to know how to turn off the feature.

In order to turn off aero snap in windows, you can follow the procedure given below.

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel

2. Look For Ease of Access Center or simply search for it under control panel if you cant find it.

3. Open Ease of Access Center and then locate the option at the end which says Make it easier to focus on tasks and click to open it.

4. Now scroll down to locate the option which says Make it easier to manage opened windows as shown in the image below.

Check the check box which says Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen to disable aero snap and uncheck this option to enable aero snap in windows 7. We hope you like this trick, you may like to read more windows 7 tips on this blog we have written before.

Change the Scenery.
Windows 7 allows you to personalize your desktop background to suit your many moods with a new shuffle feature for your desktop. You can program your desktop background to shuffle through your favorite images and get a change of scenery as often as you like. To enable the shuffle feature, rightclick on your Desktop and select “Personalize,” then “Desktop Background.” Choose the folder where your favorite images or photos are stored and select as many as you like. Make sure you check the “Shuffle” box, and choose how often you’d like your images to shuffle. It’s a simple way to keep your desktop looking fresh and fun.

Crunch The Numbers.
The new Windows 7 calculator is a number cruncher’s dream. New functionality allows the user to not only calculate in the Standard and Scientific modes, but also in Programmer and Statistics modes. And that’s not all! Ever need conversion formulas for temperature, weight, area, or time? Finding the unit conversion option makes it a snap and takes all the work out of the user’s hands. There are even templates for gas mileage, lease estimations, and mortgage estimations. More »

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