You will use the following tools when you prepare images and deploy Windows Vista throughout your organization:

Sysprep This is the updated version, modified for Windows Vista.

Setup A new installation tool for Windows Vista that replaces WINNT and WINNT32.

ImageX The new command-line tool for creating WIM images.

Windows SIM A tool for creating and modifying Unattend.xml files.

PEimg The tool for customizing Windows PE 2.0 images.

Windows DS The new version of RIS, which adds the ability to deploy Windows Vista images as well as Windows PE 2.0 boot images. More »

Installing 64-bit Windows Vista Service Pack 1 from a 32-bit image of Vista SP1 is a move that has become possible with the latest stage in evolution of the latest Windows client. Along with a range of enhancements, Vista SP1 comes to the table with setup and deployment improvements. While end users will be only superficially impacted by the changes, IT professional and original equipment manufacturers will be able to enjoy the added benefits of the service pack.

SP1 is great for IT Professionals because it will make your life easier around deployment and management of the technology. You will be able to maintain a single WinPE image because you can install 64-bit versions of Vista from a 32-bit OS,” explained Deeps De Silva, Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft Australia. More »