Microsoft Press is offering no less than nine free ebooks for download on a variety of topics, from the latest iterations of the Windows client and the Office productivity suite to the first Windows Phone OS and to the company’s developer platform.

At the bottom of this article users will be able to find the complete list with all the free resources offered by the Redmond along with the links necessary to download all the goodies.

Of course, those familiar with Microsoft Press know that this is not the first time that the software giant has shared ebooks with the public, free of charge.

The latest resources are packaged in no less than nine books designed to help customers make the best out of a range of Microsoft products and technologies. More »

Windows Phone 7 users are required to signin to their smartphones using a Windows Live ID, just like Google’s Android uses a Gmail account. Once signed with a Windows Live ID, users will have access to Zune, Xbox LIVE, as well as Windows Phone Marketplace services.

Even though Windows Phone 7 is still in its infancy, its marketplace already features around 3,000 applications. However, the need for more third-party apps that cannot be found in the marketplace is rising.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t officially allow users to install third party apps on WM7 devices unless they’ve been approved by the company and posted in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Until last week, the easiest way to install third party apps was to download them directly from the Windows Phone Marketplace, or, if you don’t care about money, you could pay $99 per year for a developer marketplace registration account. More »

Microsoft has thought ahead and is ready to help customers deal with any problems they might have. In fact, the Redmond company has started preparing for this long before Windows Phone 7 devices hit store shelves around the world.

Following the general availability of Windows Phone 7 in the United States earlier this week, the software giant also unveiled the customer support options already available.

Of course, support is not only about resolving glitches, but also about taking advantage of everything that Windows Phone 7 has to offer. An in this regard, Microsoft has already a well-trained Front Line in place.

“Sales agents around the globe have been trained by Microsoft on the latest and greatest features found within WP7. More »

Still new on the market, Windows Phone 7 has been strongly backed by smartphone manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and LG. Following the operating system’s announcements, a set of seven devices running Microsoft’s new mobile OS were launched on the market. If you are one of the lucky few that managed to get their hands on one of these Windows Phone 7 devices, then you’re in for some first steps into uncharted grounds.

The following guide contains a few tips for those that already got their WP7 smartphone and would like a few basic pointers about the OS’s capabilities.

Much of the Windows Phone 7 UI is based on hubs, which can be added, deleted, edited or moved. The same goes for the Start screen which is populated by default with only a handful of hubs. To add a new application to the homescreen, long press the icon of the app until a contextual menu will show up and choose “Pin to start”. More »

With Windows Phone 7 devices already available for sale in Europe, and coming to US customers on November 8th, Microsoft is working hard to increase the attractiveness of its latest Windows mobile platform.

One critical catalyst of platform adoption is related to the ecosystem of applications available for an OS, and the Redmond company knows this perhaps better than anyone.

In this context, it should come as no surprise that the software giant is offering a range of tools and resources as free download just to get developers to start building apps for Widows Phone 7.

With a developers community already estimated to be 12,000 members strong (and over 1,000 apps already on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace), Microsoft is offering the Programming Windows Phone 7 ebook for download completely free of charge. More »