It is very common when windows users complain that their computer systems loaded with windows takes ages to get started and takes a hell lot of time to load some applications in the startup. So, in order to get an active running windows which can respond to user actions you need to give some minutes to the computer to load the startup programs first.

Windows users always say there computer were faster in the beginning and used to take very few seconds to get started and running, but with time they say it gets slow and take so much time to get started.

What is the reason behind slow startup on your old computer?

From the time you first start using a computer, you keep installing a various computer software, games and other applications and install various hardware devices drivers many of which create startup entries to run the following. More »

1. Boot up in no time

Make your PC leap out of bed with these simple tips. Does it seem like the more time you spend with your Windows XP installation, the longer your PC takes to pull itself out of bed when booting up?

It’s not a sign of old age; it’s the ever-growing accumulation of detritus that various applications and hardware deposit on your hard drive when you install them. Whether these items are functional or completely useless, they all take time to load.

Here’s how to trim the bloat and reduce the time it takes your PC to get ready for action.

2.Tools for faster boot times

Before you get started with this project, we recommend that you have the following: More »

We have been receiving many mails from our readers these days with a problem that when ever they start up windows they see the error messages like as follows:

* Windows cannot find ‘C:\windows\svchost.exe.’
* Could not load or run ‘C:\windows\svchost.exe.’ specified in the registry
* Windows cannot find ‘C:\Windows\System32\amvo.exe’
* “Windows cannot find ‘copy.exe’

These type of messages appear at windows startup, when windows tries to load the virus files like amvo.exe, copy.exe etc. These error messages appear, because these files were removed by your anti-virus programs but still the registry entries for them exist.

Different types of viruses create some files which got executed at the windows startup so that they can come in action as windows load itself. In order to run the primary virus files required, they create run entries in windows registry. More »