Debuted last week for customers worldwide, the Windows Upgrade Option Program is designed to deliver customers and small businesses that buy designated PCs with premium versions of Windows Vista pre-installed free upgrades to equivalent flavors of Windows 7 once the operating system becomes available. The initiative is meant to feed consumers’ appetite for Windows 7 that could hurt Windows Vista sales and to make waiting for the next iteration of the Windows client drop pointless.

1. What is the Program Eligibility Period?

June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010 – Only PCs preinstalled with qualifying Vista editions have to be acquired starting with June 26, but no later than January 31, 2010, in order to be eligible for a free Windows 7 upgrade through the Upgrade Option Program.

2. What are the qualifying Vista SKUs? To which Windows 7 edition will free upgrades be possible?

– Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade free upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade
– Windows Vista Home Premium Full free upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade More »

Use an administrator account to reset the password

If you have forgotten your password to a user account, but you or another person can still log on to the administrator account, then you can change it there. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Log on to the administrator account.

2. Click on the Start button and type in lusrmgr.msc into Start Search.

3. Double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users.

4. Right-click the account that you want to reset the password for, and then click Set Password.

5. Type in and confirm the new password.

Please note that these steps do not work in Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium. More »